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Seymour Organic produces organic grass-fed beef and lamb all year round on the family owned Sheepwalk Farm. Produce can be collected from the farm or delivered straight to your door. The farm, often described by visitors as a traditional heritage farm, is owned by Michael and Olive Seymour and is full symbol organic since 1999. We farm in harmony with nature to strict organic standards.”

Down on Sheepwalk Farm...

Our certified Aberdeen Angus cattle and Texel sheep are raised on limestone pastures rich in native grasses, wild herbs and clovers.

The land is never treated with chemical fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides and is a GM free farm.

These bio-diverse pastures allow the animals to mature naturally and produce healthy meat with a delicious, traditional flavour.

Angus cattle are renowned for the superior eating quality of their meat. All our beef is dry-aged for at least three weeks for best flavour and succulence.

Texel sheep is a popular breed on Irish farms and is known for its mild flavour.

We provide the full range of meat cuts in both beef and lamb (steaks, roasts, chops, stewing meat and mince), as well as hand- made beef and lamb burgers and sausages.

We also sell beef bones for broth-making, organ meats (lamb’s liver, kidneys and hearts) and our own home made beef tallow (dripping), all of which would be of particular interest to anyone following the Gaps or WAPF diets.

Produce from the farm has been recommended by the Bridgestone/McKenna Guide and Georgina Campbell.

In 2014 we were delighted when our striploin steak received a Great Taste Award from the Guild of Fine Foods.

We have a range of meat boxes to choose from, which can be collected from the farm or delivered via courier to your door. Email or phone us for further details.

Our Website is being developed, please visit us again shortly for more information. You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter, links below.


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